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Every week Cam, David and Meaghan settle in to watch an episode of Fox's groundbreaking 2003 show, The O.C. Mostly because we love teenagers.

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We'll be back next week with a real microphone!

S3E18: 7/11

Better late than never! David and Cam talk about camping, Meaghan's new family, Taylor Townsend, slurpees, Sadie, and sexy Volchek!

S3E17: The Notary

We're back! David visits Cam in his new home of L.A. Meaghan tells us about her Canadian adventures, Baby Driver talk, and Mischa Barton's time as a notary.

S3E16: Testosteroni

David and Cam keep things going this week as Meaghan travels around the country in a van or something. We talk about a terrible hangover Cam had, David tries to explain Amanda Bynes resurgence to Cam, Sadie is a good girl, and Cam has a problem with the new Dynasty.

S3E15: The Return

We're back! David actually didn't screw anything up this week. We catch up on the past couple of weeks real fast, celebrate our milestone, David tells us of his potential new home and dungeon, Cam thinks he can eat ten junior cheeseburgers from Wendy's, and Johnny dies.

S3E12: Harry and the Hendersons

We’re all over the place this week. Meaghan talks about her five children, David watches Donnie Darko, Kaitlin Cooper gets replaced, Cam learns about fidget spinners, and more!

S3E11: The Hateus

Meaghan’s back! The gang is finally back together for this weeks episode of The O.C. Plus Three. We talk about Meaghan’s burrito addiction, David and Cam’s weekly movie excursions, we catch Meaghan up on what she’s missed, and find out what Johnny has been up to.

S3E10: The Mistake Part II

Cam deletes an entire episode and hates himself. We'll be back next week with a full one and maybe a special surprise!

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