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Every week Cam, David and Meaghan settle in to watch an episode of Fox's groundbreaking 2003 show, The O.C. Mostly because we love teenagers.

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S3E23: We’re Back, A Dinosaur Story!

We're back, baby! David, Cam, and Meaghan talk about Marissa's bad dress, Ana's bad hair, Volchek's bad boy behavior, and another Twilight cast member makes an appearance.

S3E22: Anna Banana

Everyone's favorite Pittsburgh gal is back! She's solving Seth's problems like always. Meanwhile, Cam and Meaghan talk about the eclipse, Donald Trump going blind, Meaghan's first day of school, Cam's prediction for Meaghan's future, and more!

S3E21: Zetus Lapetus

The gruesome two-some are back once again, sans David! Meaghan's aunt needs a name for her new t-shirt business, Dr. Phil, Chloe, real tears, and the fall of Sandy.

S3E20: The Rat King

Cam and Meaghan are on deck this week while David is off doing something that isn't work. We talk all about rats, Chris Pratt and Anna Farris, cat paintings, Sadie, A Ghost Story, and much more!

S3E19: This Is What You Do?

We're back! David is back in Florida with Meaghan on his vacation from Portland. Meaghan returns from her three week hiatus on the road, technical difficulties abound, David has more gay theories, Summer shames Marissa, and more!

See You Next Week!

We'll be back next week with a real microphone!

S3E18: 7/11

Better late than never! David and Cam talk about camping, Meaghan's new family, Taylor Townsend, slurpees, Sadie, and sexy Volchek!

S3E17: The Notary

We're back! David visits Cam in his new home of L.A. Meaghan tells us about her Canadian adventures, Baby Driver talk, and Mischa Barton's time as a notary.

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