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Every week Cam, David and Meaghan settle in to watch an episode of Fox's groundbreaking 2003 show, The O.C. Mostly because we love teenagers.

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The Apology

Just a terrible two weeks here for The O.C. Plus Three. Please bear with us as we figure out our

The Clip Show

A clip show! Really? What is this, a late nineties sitcom? We flew to close to the sun this week and got burned. We threw together this clip show as a consolation prize for all you lovely people, though. We hope you enjoy looking back on some of our finest, and not so finest, memories. See you next week!

S3E03: Charlotte’s Web

Poor planning leaves just Cam and David at the helm on this weeks episode. We talk about everyone’s favorite shapeshifter, Charlotte, San Francisco, notaries, creating a will, Disney’s Motorcross, the sad farewell of Bean’s, and much more!

S3E02: Ostrich Sized

We run into technical difficulties this week and have to re-record this episode. Trust us, the first one was probably the best podcast episode anyone has ever heard, but this one is a close second. We talk about ostriches, She’s the Man, some Disney book David remembers from his childhood, Mean Dean, Meaghan’’s bug bite, and more!

S3E01: The Kitchen Sink

Season Three, baby! We’re here for the long haul in what is considered the worst season of the show. Tune in as we talk about pores in your feet, Vick’s Vapor Rub, digital tuna fish, Jimmy Cooper’s boat, Ryan’s haircut, Jeri Ryan’s potential doppelgänger, summertime montages, David doesn’t know words, and we can’t do math!

S2E24: Trey Songz Derulo

Mmmm, watcha say? We’ve finally made it to arguably the most well known episode in O.C. history. This week Cam is outraged to find out Wendy’s doesn’t have spicy chicken nuggets anymore, David forgets to drink, Beans is back, Ryan’s a sociopath, and more!

S2E23: The Penultimate

The finale is almost here! This week David learns a new word, Meaghan goes to a medieval fair, Cam is sick, and we try to figure out what the flu is. We also talk about George Lucas’s neck, the Summer, Seth, and Zach triangle, Dallas, The Village, and much more!

S2E22: Creaky Shoulders

Cam’s back! This week we’re talking about the appropriate times to have orange juice, Cam’s run in at the doctor, car accident sympathy, airline snacks, Brenden Frasier films, Mischa Barton’s mental health, and Dallas.

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