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Every week Cam, David and Meaghan settle in to watch an episode of Fox's groundbreaking 2003 show, The O.C. Mostly because we love teenagers.

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S3E9: The Yeariversary

It’s our one yeariversary! Come hang out as we David and Cam talk about their favorite gas station food, David’s new love for stage performance, Seth’s sexism, David’s continuing adventures with a cat, and his high school career.

S3E8: The Third

David feels a very personal connection to the gangs college explorations on this weeks episode of The O.C. Plus Three. We talk about taxes, Brady Bunch memes, getting drunk and talking to people, and David might be joining a threesome.

S3E7: The Pencil Box?

Bring it on! This week David tries to figure out hair, Cam tries to understand sexy Archie, Cam Gigandet plays the same character in every movie, David really like Taylor, Cam’s Nanny pops in, and we try to figure out what to call a pencil box.

S3E6: Taylor Townsend’s Mom

David and Cam talk Big Little Lies, Girls, The Butterfly Effect, The Sixth Sense, Taylor Townsend’s mom, Volcheck, Grey’s Anatomy and more!

S3E5: Splinch

David and Cam hold down the fort this week. We talk about Selena, Jennifer Lopez, Disney movies, Cam’s water jug, and more!

The Apology

Just a terrible two weeks here for The O.C. Plus Three. Please bear with us as we figure out our

The Clip Show

A clip show! Really? What is this, a late nineties sitcom? We flew to close to the sun this week and got burned. We threw together this clip show as a consolation prize for all you lovely people, though. We hope you enjoy looking back on some of our finest, and not so finest, memories. See you next week!

S3E03: Charlotte’s Web

Poor planning leaves just Cam and David at the helm on this weeks episode. We talk about everyone’s favorite shapeshifter, Charlotte, San Francisco, notaries, creating a will, Disney’s Motorcross, the sad farewell of Bean’s, and much more!

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